On Farewells

“But all things change. Let this remain.”
I’ve forgotten that nothing remains.
Change is the universal way of life.
What doesn’t change, stagnates.
Stagnation reeks of regrets. Laments.
What ifs. Desperation. Resignation.

The only way is the way forward.
Forward is like the bark of a tree.
Aged. Aging. From the lonesome bark.
That unites the mass of the tree
Representing the times gone by
In togetherness that we spent.

Shooting towards the sun, to tomorrow
Branching off in geometric progression.
Each branch headed a different way
Pursuing each our own goals. Aims.
Occasionally intersecting. Mingling.
Reminiscing. Ruminating. Resonating.
while aware of the imminent farewell.

And when it comes, it isn’t pleasant.
It’s the bittersweet pill of growth, isn’t it?
We must progress. Forward is the only way.
And so it is with today, like many days.
It’s a farewell not unlike other farewells.

Periodic. Practiced. Poetic..

In its rhythmic crests and troughs.
We are meant to spread our wings
And float in the breezes, the winds.
There is a part of you in me and
We gravitate to this connection.
This is a farewell. Farewell, my dear.


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