Save the oceans… and a poem

yesterday (or was it the day before) was world oceans day, which provides the setting for this one really.
and i can reference the fuck out of all the water related stuff out there (as I have) but can we all also take a moment to realise that around t
he worlds the seas and the rivers are fantastic reservoirs of all kinds of lives and all kinds of stories and we need to preserve, protect and engage with the countless lives that provide and draw sustenance from the sea and this is not an imposition or whatever but a responsibility because we have the means to do it and the information necessary, all we have lacked so far is the initiative.
Here is something we can all do to help in our little ways :…/5-things-you…/

Further, the great barrier reef – one of the largest and most enthralling preserves of biodiversity is under threat by coal miners (of which a little wittle company called Adani may be known to many Indians) and here’s something very little you can do to help when the time comes to it:

Even further, a nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan has been leaking TONNES of nuclear waste material into the ocean since fucking 2011 and this is a problem that has just not been talked about for some reason. here are some relevant links for that :…/130807-fukushima…/ and…/5434258

let’s all do our little bit to help and make this a better world for all, humans, sharks and phytoplanktons to live in.

this was a comment by myself about a poem by myself – only this is far more important to me.
if you can point me to some other resources through which a broke 20 year old english grad can help then please, do.

oh, and the poem

there is a maze in my head which is a little replica of the labyrinth between me and you
every sentence is a voyage – this one took off on a little dinghy exploring a little gulf, and it navigated through a few backspaces and some treacherous stray thoughts of dolphins and wings and a keyboard who’s keys do not remember being used so much and spell check helped me out with the spelling of treacherous, twice, before i reach the ocean and have little else to say, nevertheless a full stop is not appropriate at the end of this one
every sentence is a voyage through uncharted territory through the maze in my head to the maze between us to you and
it is difficult, finding the words to sail through all these problems of interpretation – some don’t see my canoe because for them it is a submarine twenty thousand leagues under the sea and I a captain nemo, (or am I Aronnax?) and others see me dressed in my finest livery prepared to sink like a gentleman to my ice-cold fate dressed to the nines and when the sky looks like a statuette and the winds don’t help maze and perhaps this is a nightmare this maze does look like a giant whale and even as I dream that the ishmaels find coffins to survive I find I am actually ahab and fall to a cavernous doom.
some days i am ullysses and what was tennyson’s great lie? to strive, to seek and to die on the way. isn’t that our doom and our greatest boon, we are always on the way.
i have lost my way, but the ocean is like that for human beings. only we choose our beginnings and endings before leaving and the beginning and the ending is always a lie because the sea is ephemeral and is never the same again and it doesn’t seem like the land is the sea but it is, it is.
so it is a complicated little journey and perhaps i should apologise because it seems clear that i’m never making it out because the maze is just so pretty and I have gotten so used to being a log that is washed this way and that by the waves of our times
between the maze in my head and the maze in yours though we can still find each other because the maze is not really a maze, on the ocean you can go in any direction you please and you know as well i do that it gets lonely at sea – I’ll take an ocean that contains both me and you

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