songs and dances

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music
she gave up dancing for the mirror and
for me and began dancing for the trees
she has stopped groping around for the music
she says the music touches her now

her eyes bleed now, once a month
and her gaze feeds on the songbirds’ silence
she says she only began to see when she went blind

i wish i could see you dance again
but time has been grains of sand that run through
dead fingers into the breezes of forget
i want to hear the ghungroo again, love
… i think

his skin is alabaster
and his shirt always smells of cigarettes
but his voice is a haze
it has been filtered through packets and
packets and packets of four squares
and by time and the smoke screams
its own epitaph
knowledge is a deadly friend
if no one sets the rules

a bulging beating miasma pulses
is that all i can call this beating heart?
love, all i had for you were stories
plucked from the fungus in my head

all i had for you were stories
my fingers gambolled with pens and keyboards
and my silence screamed its lungs out
and touched a music that was always around
all i had for you were stories
but the stories were never for you

i saw shiva drowning in a sea of milk
the ganga sprang from his hair
the ganapati idols burped and trumpeted
that freedom is a deluge
and that i walk on sea-foam and polythene bags
i ran after lalbaugcharaja
the madman tried to drown himself in the sea
the madman tried to drown himself in the sea
ganapatibappa morya
pudchavarshi laukarya
i was only trying to breathe freedom, amma

in my nightmares i touch you again
and your fingers are warmer than mine
your eyes shine more than mine
and the music is not an echo but a
but this cascading waterfall is not
my cascading waterfall


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