Love Story

like a wave of electricity through your innards
like a pigeon and another pigeon in the bed of the sky
like stolen kisses worth one kind word each
like a second that just wasted away

like the great scars you show off
tattoos that prove you lived
like the boy in second grade
you always blushed when you thought about

like bread bought long ago
gone stale with age and time
like memorials built with love and music
broken pieces of rubble and concrete

like reams of paper I threw away
with cupcake wrappers and vegetable peels
like the sun that set yesterday and
decided to retire


2 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. Funny. I think that’s the first poem I’ve read of yours that hasn’t impressed some kind of emotion through your words. It didn’t seem like you were feeling much at all.

    …Was it a statement about the false and ridiculous grandeur we impose on love?

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