and the blind hunchbacked wayfarer looked at the stars and said :

open your eyes and you will see a
thousand ghosts tearing at themselves
tearing at the collective forgetfulness that
pins them in their happy endings

the story was just that, some props and clothes
and a story that we violently bestowed endings upon
all the story wanted was another chapter
all the ghosts want is another chapter

open your eyes and you will see a billion bloody
ghosts that did not return with Odysseus
the king Parashuram did not kill could not hide under a ghost-maid’s veil
Charles Darnay was searching for a far far better thing to do
Cinderella’s stepsisters did not have a happy married life
and the eunuch who provided comic relief and a stereotype
in that film you were talking about overdosed on vitamin X
you’re stuck in a cage inside a cage
the key to the first is your eyes
the key to the second is your life


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