Deus ex Machina

That shield shall not protect you
Brave hero with a
Dozen flaws and an endearing
Personality which would stand out in
A morgue.
Throw it away.

Your pleas for life shall not protect you,
For you live in a world where
I am God and
I am All and
Today you die.

I was going to kill you
At the end
But I shall kill you now
And end this.

I reach the middle
The page but this
Dialogue wearies me.

Hark! The pen moves faster than
The javelin directed at your jugular.
Your blood is flowing like
Monotype Corsiva.
Your pupils are sinking
Beneath to the deep abyss
I have just sent you to.

Mark the second guessing!
But I shall stand firm.
There shall be no miracle.
No plastic surgery.
No fake jump.
No hurried contrivance to
Appease them shall
Save you.

Your fame shall spread
For eons and miles
The man who would stare down his
Except, of course, for the fact that
I never deigned to give you a name.

Die well, my brave warrior of
The hued helm and the
Blazing sword.
You fought well.
Only the odds were not in
Your favour.

And now maybe
We can get back
To the plot.

God, do I hate how wordpress fucks up with the formatting. .-.
Anyway, I’ve been exploring the whole author is God in their creation and all- character death.


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