This day, That year…

Orderly Chaos

26 November


Remarkable isn’t it?

How a date can trigger

A wave of memories.

Of a night spent in misery.

Of kin calling from ashore

 “You’re alive, my darling!”

He exclaims over tears.

“I was hoping you’d be,” he says.


And you think about other calls,

Of uncles, aunts, sons and the like,

When the caller cries differently,

When the receiver reels

In emotions undigested.

Of the news blaring

And families staring,

Horrified at the violence,

“Why?” cry some

 “Why me?” cry others.


So someone can make a point

Of misguided notions,

Of baseless propositions,

Of broken families,

And the unknown dead.

Where lies the world,

“where promises were kept,

Or one could weep because another wept.”


Are we humans at all?

Do we feel?

Does one’s pain pain us?

Does one’s death kill us?

Or does it kill the part that feels,

In the race…

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