Both Sides Now ~ Joni Mitchell

Bows and flows of angel hair,

She caught my heart with just a stare.

She challenged me to fall for her,

And that I did. I am hers forever.


But now they only block the sun.

Her memories, her scent merely lingers on.

Her twinkling eyes I can see everywhere,

I laugh, cry or dream, and she’s always there.


I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.

They’ve rained over me, made me glow.

They’ve ruined me. Made me cold.

Destroyed my dreams. I’ve grown old.


Moons, and Junes and Ferris wheels, 

And what more? Love even heals.

I found her when the going got tough,

She comforted me, and loved me enough.


But now it’s just another show,

I feign health. I let them know.

I might be broken. I am shaken.

None can see the pain I am in.


I’ve looked at love from both sides now.

I’ve felt the highs, and the lows, the blow.

To love is to risk. To love is to expose.

When love is lost, you just explode.


Tears and fears and feeling proud,

Disappointments are profound.

To say “I do” before a crowd,

And then bury her with a shroud.


But now old friends are acting strange,

They’re always pitying me. They’ve changed.

I am brave. Strong. I don’t want pity.

I want my life again. I want normalcy.


I’ve looked at life from both sides now,

I’ve been given pleasures and endless love.

I’ve gotten respect, and yet I have begged.

My dreams fulfilled. Happy am I? No. Dead.



Anais Nin:


4 thoughts on “Both Sides Now ~ Joni Mitchell

    1. Oh shoot. Sorry Antu. I thought this was another persons blog. Not yours and Dev’s. Although, I’d rather you saw only the happy side of love too

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