“A grenade”


The “balm of hurt minds,”

Temporary peaceful oblivion,

A rhythm of unconscious breath,

An alternative to burdens, life,

An excuse, a reason to forget,

For a few hours, possibly, hopefully.


You fall down, supersonic speed.

Your dreams evaporate. You panic.

You can’t think, breathe- suffocation.

You can’t cry, grieve- suppression.

Uncoordinated, unnerved, shocked.

You break down. You’re lost.


You try to accept. You digest.

“tears streaming down your face.”

Your mind somersaults, wild, free.

You think over and over and over again.

You hear voices. You feel his presence.

Remind yourself repeatedly of death.


Inexistence. Oblivion. Infinity.

Souls soar. Souls roam. Freedom.

Leave behind the pain. Life.

Abandon the body. The complexity.

Maybe you’re unaware of your past.

You only look forward to what’ll come.

“Death is not the opposite of life. It is a part of it.”

{credits: “balm of hurt minds” is a line from Macbeth, Shakespeare.

“tears streaming down your face.” is from a song Fix You by Coldplay. duh.

“Death is not the opposite of life. It is a part of it.” is a line from Norwegian Wood by Murakami. (thanks Achyuth!)

and lastly, the title is from this book (recommended reading) “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS” by John Green}


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