Devoid of Fear



When she giggled her eyes lit up with joy,
Her chaste mind, in peace with her toy,
Innocent smiles curved her round pink face,
Settled and captured in her fun play.

All of two, for her, everything was small,
Whether lakes, hills or mountains tall.
The gigantic wild, the majestic rivers,
And everything else, a plaything for her.

What knows she of the worldly ways,
Where everything is a complex maze.
Where talks of peace have other mean,
And nothing ever is as it seems?

Where dreams of one crushes that of the other,
Where cares not a soul, never one for another,
What does she know of this diseased world?
When she’s yet to speak her very first word?

But don’t they say, bliss in ignorance,
What good ‘tis, knowing a world so bent?
She does not know, does not care,
So protected, from the devil’s lair.

So lives she, in the world of terror,
Without an ounce of any bother.
I envy her, that tiny toddler,
The girl of two, devoid of fear.


2 thoughts on “Devoid of Fear

  1. really nice.
    and might i add that the little girl has got lovely eyes……..(sorry but i couldn’t resist myself!!) 😛

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