Who Am I?

Not a long time back, I talked about how I really don’t care what people think about me. Was I being entirely honest? Do you think? Truth is I care about what people I care about think.

Most people who don’t know me, or rather haven’t been warned think I’m weird. Insanely weird. I am to an extent insanely weird. I’m a perky, I-love-life-hate-life person with interests running in all directions. I love science. Makes me a nerd. I love poetry. Bigger nerd. I actually enjoy studying. Find it illuminating. Super-nerd.

I’m not geeky though. I certainly don’t study all the time. I write. Decently. I sing. Decently. I cook. Decently. I also draw, scrap book stuff, follow columns and jump with delight when Pattanaik writes about all sorts of myths in various religions. Oh, but did I tell you? I hate my religion. For no reason other than the fact that I didn’t choose it. I generally don’t like religions. For no reason other than the fact that… well, I just don’t like them. (shrugs)

I hate huge novels. The longest one I have read is one by Ken Follett. I read it over a period of six months. I like reading generally. But I started reading late. And now I hardly have much time. Sad. My grammar is, if not entirely, partly based on reading comics. Amar Chitra Katha stuff. And yeah, newspapers. And yeah, school.

I love my family. Can’t live without ‘em. My mom is awesome. My bro is (as you may have noticed) cool. They inspire me a lot. Not unfortunately. I love my friends. They make life worth it. and they’re the ones I bug when mom’s or bro’s patience runs out. Poor them.

I empathize with everyone. I shamelessly pity terrorists. Because… they are terrorists. I love food. I love healthy food. I like nutrition. Its going to be my career choice. Therapeutic nutrition. I have more nightmares than dreams. I get mood swings at times. When I do, I oscillate like crazy. I am strongly opinionated. Sadly, I argue for everything. I have something to say about everything.

I like smiling brightly at people and shouting out “hi!!!!!.” Gives me a high. I like smiling at random people on the road. Pretending they’re going to be my future neighbours, so I have to be nice to them. My teachers think I’m hyper. Actually, scratch the first part. I am hyper.

I am addicted to coffee. Get migraines without three cups a day. And depressed without one. I hate addictions. I hate alcoholism. I detest smokers. I don’t like diseases. I don’t hate hospitals. i like the smell of iodine in laboratories.

I’m a jerk- if you act like a jerk in front of me more than three times. I’m nice otherwise. If you’re good at math or physics, I’ll tend to bug you more, because I’m pathetic at them. I love biology though. Cool stuff. I used to want to be a surgeon. But then my hand shakes like crazy. So opted outta that. Nutrition for now.

That is me in a nutshell. Who am I? I’m Antara. Nice to meet you too. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. You have no idea how many times you made me smile when I read that. You are weird: “insanely weird” is right. Mad. But then, I’ll tell you a secret: all the best people are 🙂

    1. Been eagerly waiting for your post, that’s why 🙂 Devdan’s obviously too busy doing Gauss’ Theorem.

  2. okay. i hereby mention you.” i love bugging this creature called arty. he’s a crazy guy because.. well he’s crazy. he replies to texts although his boards start tomorrow. i bug him as much as possible. but he’s one of the few i’m not been able to annoy. yet. in due time, i suppose. and did i mention? he’s crazy. :P”

    actually i’m kinda inspired by you, pranali. 🙂

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