Dreams. Ambitions. Aspirations.

Walked on the street with confidence.

Walked legal. No fear.
confidence of being in the right.

Nothing dampened her.

She was quite perfect,

If I may say so.

She worked hard.

She earned honest.

Nice girl. I liked her.

She walked on the street,

Happy. Or satisfied?

Car. Drunk driver.



Nice girl dead.

Sorry parents. Sorry readers.

Culpable homicide amounting to murder.

Police come. Driver caught.

He laughs at the camera.

He can laugh. At the camera.

What a man.

I admire him.

He can laugh.

He jumps from court to court.

Sessions? No. 5 years.

High court? Aha. Six months.

Take it. Good bargain.


Tear tear, on the ground,

Tell me, who’s fault is it?

The driver? The liquor?

The court? The courts?

The media?


Oh sweet- the government?

Six months.

Murderer on the loose.

Is he guilty?

Saw him yesterday.

Drinking. At a pub.

One. No three. No ten.

Yeah ten.

Ten shots. Scotch I think.

The expensive ones.

He drove back home later.


On the loose.

I’m scared.

Are you? You should be.

Tell your children,

To take precautions.

Don’t go out in the night.

What about day drinkers?

Don’t go out in the day.

Better still, don’t go out.

At all. How safe is that?


Good luck staying alive buddy.

Hang in there.

Believe in your karma.

Believe in god.

But it didn’t help the girl.

Did it?

Of shut it.

Life. Death. It’s a game.

A gamble.

Why so serious?

Chill out.

Want some scotch?

Want to drive?

It’s okay. What the hell.

Six months ain’t big.

Try it. Its cool.

Enjoy it. It’s a game.

Call me too, when you go.

I like scotch.

I like it all.


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