RIP Amy/Lumos

You don’t need to be a dunce to know that there are a zillion harry potter pages on facebook, and an infinite amount of admins.
Amy was one of them. Only, a few days back, the seventeen year old died because of a car crash. SLAM, and a life was over. Nothing.
But, but we, the Harry Potter communnity found out. Not many people had heard of her, now people are trying to get her to trend on twitter.
Lumos showed us that its not all fun and games and quizzes. Us Pottermaniacs, we share something special. Something stuff like death doesn’t really manage to erase.
After all, ‘death is the next great adventure’
So, Amy… you are up there somewhere, I hope you know there are many people who care, who love you.
So, lumos.. just another light to help a shining star on its way.
May you ever rest in peace.


3 thoughts on “RIP Amy/Lumos

  1. yeah well. human nature buddy. make money out of sorrow. why do you think funeral priests love charging bombs? thy know they’ll get the money no matter what. they know the clients won’t deny them anything. its saddening…:(
    and RIP Amy. (why can’t people drive carefully for heaven’s sake!!)

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