We are the people

‘We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.’ Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s immortal poem ‘Ode’ resonates within me as I stand on the cusp of yet another jump, yet another dive, from the known and appreciated confines of childhood to adulthood, to maturity, to responsibility.

In a matter of a year, and a few examinations, I will reach the water, and in this one year, I cling to far away thoughts, not in distance, but in time, when as a bespectacled eight year old I first entered this school. Everything it has taught me since stands at the ready, finally for application.

This dive is a real one. I can see, almost smell the hard water beneath me as I somersault in the air, a last whiff of what was once decidedly mine, and which I now give back to a school, which in all the ways possible was my true home.

When I was eight, ten years ago, this school was just that- a school.A gray building made up of four gray walls and lots of staircases. That it still is. But I cannot deny that in this last decade, this school has grown with me.

Of course I have dreams, and I also have the means to realise these dreams. I don’t want to be happy. I don’t want to be rich. Money is overrated, and so is happiness. I want to learn. That is what my school has inspired in me. A need to discover, the high of invention, the stroke of inspiration. The need to be inspired. To be blown away into micrograms of dust by ideas, by revolution.

The greatest honour a person can receive is respect. An admission from contemporaries that yes indeed, here now stands a decent man. Yes, I want to be like my heroes, I want to be a hero, a person people find inspirational, someone who makes a person’s world go round.

This is one long dive but it all comes down to this last dive. A decade of preparation, years of hopes, thousands of prayers, everything comes to that one moment when skin touche water, when all the world will be staring, and I, somersaulting in the air, mind blank, and the rushing wind.

Of course I am worried about that moment. It will define me. But for now, I wish to forget everything, and enjoy that thrill of anticipation.

‘Two roads diverged in one yellow wood, and I, I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference. ‘I know not what I will do, but I have decided, I will do it differently. My heart fills with pride to see my friends, shining beautiful  examples of how one place can mould completely different people to one universal direction.

When my life was filled with darkness, I knew not where to go, the school was that candle that burnt without protest and guided me out. I see everyone my age, fear in their faces, and we all hold our hands. Life is short, but then again, life never ends. Its all we can do to grasp the steel and do the best we can, it’s about us. It’s always been about us. We are the people. We are the generation.



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