Writ in Water Part 2: Noise

The first part is here –> https://ourpensieveminds.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/writ-in-water-part-one-stink/


I hear funeral cacophony

War songs are played

Uncultural elegies

Nowhere and Everywhere

‘We are the music makers’

We are the harps

We are the lyres

Stretched out.

Bent and spent.

Nothing to hear but screams

In life and in fitful dreams

In death and deathlier scenes.


‘Happiness is a warm gun’

Yet cold reminder of dead fun

Waves of change are flowing

Through human batteries

Elemental sustenance

Provided by me.

Shadowfax! Run!

O Esmeralda! Dance!

Blood rushing to the head

Flowing like wine.

Pity it’s not mine.

I live within it.


The Gods can’t take much pain

Prometheus unbound.

And I am yet unchained.

They are here though,

Tied up in intricate bows

The temptation, the allure

To fly to skies yet pure

Find my daughter once again

Temporary salve to this pain

The pain I don’t care to name

His kindly hand guides her.

And she quietly guides her mother.


Well, the dead are dead.

It’s us who have to live.

Consign ourselves to

Die each and every day.

I know my life now

I have measured with coffee spoons

In the land where I lived

Life is music, life is song.

Life is those years lived alone.

But they lose that voice.

A pack of grime, dirty boys.

Here, death is life.



I siriusly am tired of writing stuff like this. Its like a screwdriver is tightening around my brain.

But oh well, whats written is written.

Depressing stuff. :/


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