Visualize that you are in a swimming pool. A vast swimming pool. Its ivory green in co


lour and it creates a mosaic of colours when you look inside. Refraction, i guess.

But anyway, this is a swimming pool and people are swimming in this. Focus your attention on one girl, climbing up the ladder. One step at a time. The world stops for this brunette. All anyone can do is stare at her extreme warmth[sic]. Watch as she reaches the top and kind of bows. She looks down upon the rest of the world as doth a colossus. A very hot colossus. Anyway she takes a deep breath which sets the breaths of the spectators racing and jumps.

And my, the jump. She swirls about gracefully in midair. We feel the need to run, catch her, and protect her from the hard wall that is the swimming pool. She is a miracle of human creation, I tell you. We all move to the edge of the swimming pool. Hoping, wishing and praying. Of course, all of us were ready to dive and save her life. Anyway, her polka dotted bikini swims in the sky before crashing into the swimming pool.

Not a crash, really. It is a very good dive, noiceless, and minimum water is spilled. But those few drops of water become glistening orbs which carry the light of the Sun itself in them. They are fresh, and they reinvigorate the soul. Bubbles of water are seen on the surface, Carbon dioxide tries its very best to leave, before breaking down. Slowly we see the silhouette of the girl of our dreams. She slowly rises up to the surface, and thus clearing up an important idea in our heads.

Archimedes principle-> Proved.


We are smarter than you, Archimedes, we even took surface tension into account

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