Writ in Water- Part One. Stink

It’s a bad smell

A very bad smell that stays

It stays from fife to life

And in death

Even the famed perfumes

Of Egyptian Queens

Cannot wish this smell away.

Excreta of decomposition.

The bacteria scurry out in droves

A veritable treasure trove.

This smells like death

I live in it.


Things are losing control.

My life seeps out, soiled and yellow.

A liquid reminder of memory.

Of a time gone by,

Of life. Of a wife.

The warmth is leaving me.

‘Tis the law of calorimetry.

My stomach could take no more.

Now it grumbles in protest.

The elaborate process.

Of life and of sanity.

I die without it.


I know death.

It’s like jumbled pieces of carnage.

I have smeeled its breath.

My daughter was long gone.

With money sparse and

A home in Mars

I brought her.

I dragged senseless body

Through the rigours of this journey

They told me not to look back

‘Move on’, they told us

Agriope and the curse on Orpheus.


She is no more, and I too

Died that day

But curses are made worse

When you can’t cry them away.

A paradise lost and regained.

Stars, beautiful stars

Shining lovely dying stars

They die, and in a second or so

Become a bloody black hole.

And people die, like butterflies

Their fragrance flutters on

New people reborn.

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