yeah, even i can rant.

I am pissed. I am pissed big time. There is no respect left in this world. We treat each other like dirt. We get treated like dirt. We all abuse each other. We all want to be rude. We try our stupidest best to appear ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ – so so damned brilliant. Lets be the meanest we can. And who suffers because of this very new ‘in thing’ habit of ours? Of course- the weak ones who do not fight back- old rickshaw drivers, old dogs, poor waiters, and innocent people who cant hear you, and others who can hear you but cannot do anything about it.

“Ha ha. Did you see that? Let’s do it again!!” –Kicks- “ha ha ha. Oh my god, that’s so damn funny. Ha ha ha.” The speaker- a boy who works at a shop. And the receiver of those lovely kicks- an old hapless dog.

Dear Mr. Boy who works at a shop, what thrill do you get by kicking a poor dog on the street? How can anyone feel happy let alone enjoy the pain felt by another creature? And then you and other assholes like you, love to go about describe any remotely strict person as – a Hitler, or a Saddam or a sadist. Hello fools, ever looked into a mirror? Sure you do. Probably thirty times a day. Well, the next time you do, say this to the sadist that stares back at you- hi there cool dude. Meet the world’s most idiotic asshole- me.


“You old man. How dare you park your filthy cheap rickshaw in front of my car!! You mother f@#$%^. Ill kill your cheap ass…..” roughly translated to English by me. The speaker- a haughty two- car owner in my locality. The listener- an old rickshaw driver.

Whistle- – – another whistle – – – a loud click sound – – – now a scream ‘’Abbey saale kutte (you dog), cant you hear? You deaf old bat! I have been calling you for so long. Asshole!! “Speaker- a guy who had just entered the restaurant. The listener- a waiter.

Now, what can I say about the rich stuck up sobs that plague my life and my very sanity. They are rich. They are stuck up. A click of the tongue-thats your signal- you gotta jump when I make that sound- then bow down low- take my orders- otherwise you’re an asshole, and you’re fired. Oh cool. Dear S.O.B. let me enlighten you. Those clicking sounds and whistles that you make so easily to summon your servants, they are actually demeaning. Your servants feel insulted. They feel like crap. And the next time you wanna know, why they don’t bow down low enough or why they don’t report after your whistles soon enough- remember this- they don’t want your stupid money. At least they have kept their dignity. What about you? Seriously sob, what about you?

“Did you know, yesterday, 52 people died in a bomb blast in Pakistan?”                                              “Really? Great. They deserve it. All of them, bloody terrorists.”

And what can I say about the large number of patriots that fill up this beautiful country. Oh wait, what did I say? Patriot??? Let me define that for ya, if I insult Pakistan, I am a patriot, a true patriot mind you. Unless I call every one of those 186 million people that dwell in that country a terrorist, I am not an Indian. Oh for god’s, Harry’s, Fred and George’s, Peeves’, mine, Pete’s, Chris Martin’s and all of the wonderful people that I can think about’s sake COME ON!!!!!!!!!  Grow up! They are all human beings. And so are you (or so I thought and assume). You are genetically, scientifically, socially, mentally, physically, historically alike. Why on earth then is it so damned cool to go about insulting your own brethren like that? Doesn’t that sound irrational? Even to your stupid brain, doesn’t it?

“She might wanna employ a designer for her clothes next time, or does she want another wardrobe malfunction?” the speaker- the media. The receiver- a small time comedian.   Aha media, you’re great and all. You were the reason India got independence. Cool. You are the reasons Indians were united. Cool. You are this ‘good thing.’ Well, then why on earth are you tarnishing that reputation? Why do you go about insulting every dress you don’t approve of? What do you care about the godforsaken nails of some random celebrity? Is it just about the money? Seriously? What the fuck are you doing? You want me to answer that question? Well, here goes. You are destroying the mindset of your stupid readers. They read your comments like ‘he might want to curb down on his excess hair spray’ and ‘she looked absolutely hideous’ and go about parroting it. You’ve got readers and hence, you’ve got a responsibility towards them. I cannot believe that I pay 10 bucks a day for worthless gossip. I would rather Google everything I wanna know about current affairs. Now that reporters have forgotten how to do their jobs, you lose dear friends. And who wins? Of course Google.

And there it is. My rant. I’ve vented out. And I mean every word I said. Honestly, I don’t know why this is happening. This generation is obsessed with being mean and hearing others being mean. Call it culture, call it influence, call it stupidity, call it whatever you want- I am going to do all I can in my power to change these stupid people and their contorted obsessions. And I am gonna need as much help as I can. Now that you have read this rant, and I am hoping that you have agreed with me (if you haven’t buzz off), let’s all go and shush these dumb people. And hope like hell.


2 thoughts on “yeah, even i can rant.

  1. Beautifully written,Antu. This can’t be called a rant. This is enlightenment, to the dimwitted fools who have wax on their ears. You’re beautiful, with your thoughts. But the thing is, the waiters and the old rickshaw drivers and the average comedians don’t say anything back cus they’re afraid. Mostly, they don’t say anything back cus they got nothing to lose. They know that these rich snobs are only losing their souls. No point in losing their own souls in the process is what the silent listeners figure.
    The world is full of good and bad, there’ll always be people whom you feel a certain revulsion to, there’ll always be people you’ll feel you wanna be with, you can’t change that, it’s the way everything work. For what purpose everything’s the way it is, I have no clue. But the fact that you’ve brought this to light, I respect you.
    You know, in Kerala, not many people behave this way. Maybe there’s a lot more money with people over here. Money changes people doesn’t it? It’s like the devil’s tool.
    Screw it. It’s good you vented, don’t keep it in. But it’s important that you let these thoughts go as they came. Even when I see a poor person mistreated, I feel like crying, or even shooting the motherfucker who’s doing the mistreating, but what’s the point? As long as there’s rich and there’s poor, somebody’s bound to be crushed under rubber soles.Crazy world eh Star?

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