Does God Exist?

/many people ask me all the time, are you atheist? are you hindu? do you believe in god?

when asked thus, I don’t know what to answer. people don’t usually agree with me, and answering their questions only makes me more tired.

so here goes-


“when I was worried and scared,

of the new change that life had dared.

when helplessly I clenched my fists,

I thought deeply, does god exist?


when I lost continually in my attempts,

in desperation as I searched a vent,

when n tears my vision mists,

yet again I think, does god exist?


if he does, why then does he allow this?

one to lose all, and other left in bliss?

why lets he the good ones cry,

and smile those that in him defy?


why is he unfair so much,

that only few own the Midas touch?

while others rot in their sadness,

suffering ever, with a little too less.


or maybe all suffer same,

some yearn money, others fame.

all have laughs and cries in bits.

so yeah maybe god exists.


whatever we sow, so we reap.

what we have not we seek.

with labor and heart we get it.

so how does it matter- if god exists?”



2 thoughts on “Does God Exist?

  1. A beautiful composition! Simply fantastic. But you see, the interpretation of God’s existence depends on the depth of each person’s spiritual understanding.

    To the people who need to believe that there is a higher power taking care of them, God is merely a crutch.
    To romantics who look at Nature’s beauty and ask who created such wonders, God is the answer.
    To the skeptic, God is merely a by-product of Man’s imaginative powers. To the scientist, God is the first cause, also known as probability, or chance.
    To the believer, God is a blue-skinned, bow-wielding king, or a demon-slaying butter-stealing infant, or even a man who turned water into wine.
    To the enlightened, God is everything and nothing at the same time.

    None of them are absolutely right or wrong; it depends on each person’s level of understanding whether he accepts or rejects a particular interpretation. And I can see God in the hearts and actions of the people around me.

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