My brother and I, were born 14 months apart. When people come to know that I have a brother, they tend to ask me, the tag question, “Do you both fight a lot?” Well, on a public forum, let me say, yes we do fight a lot. In fact, we fight too much. But our fights always end at a cordial note, and the next day, we are all fine. Never the – I Have not spoken to him for 3 months, types.

At the end of our quarrel, neither one of us ends up,  with a black eye- never, but actually with a new thing that neither one of us knew. Both of us have so many different likes, dislikes, and obsessions,that we tend to share whatever new we learn.  When we were smaller, we fought over- who should put the garbage out, who should clear the bedroom, which should clean the dining table, and so on and so forth. But as we grew older and mature, our fighting topics changed to worldly matters. We started debating- need for internet, need for mobile phones, global warming, Indian foreign affairs, NAM, UN, World wars, cold wars and anything more one can debate about.

Such debates would never end at a conclusion. With each of us guarding our point of view, trying to reach above the others voice (poor neighborsJ), and consultation of Google for almost everything. I am very proud of this change, because it teaches me to think from another point of view, as well as refreshes my knowledge on certain affairs.

I have deep interest in anything food, anything nutrition, Hollywood, biology, new languages and things of this sort. He on the other hand, loves to read, he is interested in mythology, songs that mean something, four different sports, and technology, and so much more. Our different likes, give more impetus to our debates. These debates, much to the fury of my mother, happen to be to our liking. What I mean to say is, we like to fight. And nobody can say anything against us, because at the end of this fight, neither one of us ends up crying, or scratched, or bleeding, or bruised nor whatever two angry siblings can do to each other.  Though one of us, becomes upset (mostly me), we do turn out to be better learned, and I’m proud of that.


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