deaf and functional ears

all people in this world belong to one of the two types there is- with deaf ears, or with functional ears. no, i dont mean, handicapped or non handicapped. with or without ears, that they may, or may not use.

those with functional ears, are used to listening. they talk, but later they listen. these people, are also categorized to two- those who listen to gossip about it later, and those who listen just because they are expected to.

those who listen to gossip about it later, well, they just dont have a life. hence they like to discuss other people’s. they probably dont have much friends too, so to be the centre of attention for those few minutes, they try to gather as much of “juicy news” as they can. they may or may not enjoy this, but they do it anyways.

those who listen as they are expected to do so, are also, of a few kinds. those who have nothing interesting going on in their life, or they do have, but prefer not to talk about it, lest they become the target of unwanted gossip. so they just listen to what others have to say. a part of the remaining are forced to listen. they are not really allowed to talk, maybe because, they don’t have very loud voices, or because they are mature enough to understand the fact that shouting just to drown the other person’s voice is plain stupid. the remaining ones however, listen to give support to the one talking. they are experienced, and have a high level of empathy. the understand perfectly what pains the other person is facing and show their support by listening how much ever they can.

now we come to those poor people in this world who come to have deaf ears. these people are also of two types. those who have too much to talk to listen, and those who just dont give a damn about others to listen.

those who have a lot to talk about, are usually the leaders of their groups. everyone listens to them. they usually have commanding personalities. their voices are highly pitched, and they have a high level of self confidence, almost bordering on over confidence. what is sad is that, they dont realise the fact that they are not listening. they just go on talking and talking. sad. pitiful things.

now the others, they have a very complex mindset. such thinking is either the product of some bad experience they have had in their lives, or, they are too rich, hence too arrogant to care about others. those who have lived through a bad experience, no longer care about others anymore. most usually they also have trust issues, and restrain from talking too. the arrogant ones, however, are quite talkative. they are full of themselves, and love to receive flattering compliments. they also do have trust issues, and they also like to gossip. they are usually surrounded by people who parrot their opinions.

so here i am, i have talked of all sorts of people, and this conclusion is based on my personal experience (which i admit is quite small, yet wide in range). so a general piece of advice from a young friend here-

1> learn to listen what others have to say. who knows? you may be their one and only confidante.

2> and for the selected others, learn to trust people who care for you. and talk to them for what it is worth. because, what is the point of living, if you have died without having a single person mourning for you, who absolutely knew you, and cared for you?



2 thoughts on “deaf and functional ears

  1. Quite illuminating… I tried fitting myself into your packages and was unable to. I don’t talk much, but I listen a lot. The reason I do that is because there is a lot more knowledge to be gained by listening to the views of others rather than spewing out your own ideas at every given opportunity. As a result, I feel I’ve become a bit more wise than what I would have been otherwise.

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