PS I Love You :D

“a dog doesn’t care if you are stupid or clever, rich or poor. you give him your heart and he’ll give you his. how many people can you say that about? how many people can make you feel that extraordinary?” – courtesy Marley and Me, great book great movie.

true. very much true. when i was smaller, i used to be terrified of dogs. so much, that if i was walking on the street, and a dog was sitting idly there, a little ahead of me, basking quite comfortably in the sun, i would make a nice circle around it, and walk on. then after a few steps, i would look back nervously to see if the dog was following me. sometimes, i would imagine the dog looking at me, and all my paranoia with a bemused sort of expression. i was quite stupid then.

however, as i grew up (im not very old now, just compared to then), i began to feel very warm towards dogs. i used to live in this place before, that had a huge garden at the back of the house. a pup used to keep coming then. he would come to sleep in our garden. my best guess was that his mom shifted base(that sounds really absurd, i know), and forgot to take him with her. whenever i felt down, i used to go and relax in the garden and this pup would sit next to me.

oddly enough, i used to lose all that unhappiness and i would start playing with him. it was then, that i had begun to value him as a friend. a friend, i could confide in, and not be scared that my secrets were now spreading faster than wildfire. i could hug him, and he would hug me back. i would give him a little of my milk+bournvita (yukk), and he would give me a little of his time.

he soon grew and all, but we were still friends. we would still meet, although he preferred biscuits now. somehow, every bad day of my life, would become a more enjoyable one thanks to him.

then we had to shift to another house. i had to leave my companion then. but i was not even thinking about him. i was packing, and cleaning, and all that. i didn’t bother about him then. i carried on with my work, and when i really left the house, i just gave him a final wave. in my new house, i missed my friend. i was lonely for the first time in my life. being a person who believes in walls, i no longer could confide in anyone.

and as they say, time heals all wounds, i too healed. i grew up. i began to live again like i lived before. school kept me pretty busy. i was working quite hard on all the work. and time was passing by with nothing eventful happening.

then, we had to shift back to the exact same house(how weird is that?), for a variety of reasons.

when i went back, my friend had grown quite old. but reconciliation with him was overwhelming for me. if i had ever cried like a baby, it was then. he too seemed happy to see me. he would sniff at me, and wag his tail hard till it drained him off his energy.

once again time passed, more eventfully although. and then as it always happens, he died.i was too young then, but i understood his value very well. he was my friend. my only friend. he knew all my secrets. he knew that if i cried, why i cried. he knew when, and why i felt lonely. he knew why i would suddenly grow quiet sometimes. he knew me.

he made me feel loved. he made me feel valued. he made me feel extraordinary. and no, there is no other person in the whole world whom i can say that about.

PS i love you my friend


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