Hush. The clock is ticking.

I wanna hear it.

You cannot imagine the weight of the pain.

At the doctor’s clinic

I was a beam balance

The weight of life is going up man

I am gonna die

The doctor said so.

A few days to die.

Despite whatever I say

These words are stuck on replay.

She poked at my life

She poked at my brain

It’s here, she says.

The main source of your pain.

I just turned and walked home.

She calls out,

I am sorry. So damn sorry.

So I came home.

I look at me in a mirror

I stick out my tounge.

Fuck man, I am still young.

So yeah, let me be.

Let me at my calender.

I tick off the days to the beat

Of the ticking seconds

The rope of my life has two split ends.

The friends come, man

But what are they gonna say?

Sorry man. Best of luck for what lies beyond.

A pat on the back and a kiss on the cheeks

And then life just goes on.

Let’s go and have some lunch.

The waiter smiles like he is payed to.

I wanna crush that smile.

I wanna break it into a thousand million pieces

How in hell can someone smile

When I am about to fucking die?


Spasm of pain. Paroxym of despair.

Shit man, what an opportunity

To show away that damn vocabulary

And in this life so long, see

What are the last words supposed to be?

It looked so long, but its shit short, she said

Hey man, constructing your epithet?

Ladies and Gentlemen. Please rise.

Mourn the death of your beloved

Shit nurse, what’s this guy’s name?

Oh yeah, put on that slow music.

Nah. Fuck it. Chuck it,

There are five people out here

Musta come out for lunch and free beer.

So yeah, life’s so short man.

Why worry about that long future plan?

All you need is a six foot place of land

A few grand to make the funeral grand.

So welcome the rain. Let it wash away the pain.

Let it wash away every semblance of a creature.

Madam, here’s the newest fertilizer.


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