Bloody Hell!!!

We learn Macbeth for literature, okay, and in the Banquet scene, we have him (Macbeth) saying stuff like I am in a stream of blood, and I cannot get out and stuff. Very very very bloody. In sheer boredom, I wrote something stupd about blood, and only upon rereading it did I realize that it was, in fact, bloody good. 😛

The title, of course, is absconding. :/

I was swimming in a giant swimming pool

Only it contained no water

Sometime, I looked down and blanched

‘Twas a huge pool of blood.

Reflected images of my many crimes

Refracted evidence of my cruelty

And I tried to get away from approaching disaster

A gigantic flood of blood.

Anywhere I looked, Satan I saw

He laughed at helpless helplessness.

Accused me of the more vicious crimes

Waves of words and blood accosted me.

Nightstalker. He follows me everywhere

His roving eye strives with min

Crushes it into pieces, towards

The gigantic flood of blood.

Wet from fear. Or is it plasma?

I heave myself from the pool

But she is standing there

Corporeal reality.

I stick out my arm. She clutches it.

She tries to pull me up, but I am heavy.

By the Gods, she changes into my greatest enemy

And the gigantic flood of blood.

He glares at my visage.

He holds limp arm and laughs.

His evil teeth glimmer with fury.

Splash. He lets my arm go.

I fall down in high definition

This dissipitation of energy

Waves of my fall, approach

The gigantic flood of blood.

Charon rows towards me.

Rowing furiously from Acheron

I jump, he catches me.

We row to that blinding white light.

But I hear the thread snip cut

Furious Fury roars at me.

The boat becomes a fledging stuck in

That gigantic flood of blood.

Paralyzing pain paints pure white flames

In my brain. I am conscious.

And when I see Him, I scream

And wake up from this dream.

Silver sweat was that swimming pool.

Fantastic fancies were Satan.

But the knife stuck in my heart

Was the gigantic flood of blood.

Don’t ask me the meaning, I don’t know myself. And the protaganist is not me. I hate blood, probably fear it more than everything except for A man with a gun. Or a knife, I don’t really go for the particulars.


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