Recently, I watched this Tamil movie over at a friend’s house. it was called Aadukaalam. I don’t know what the title means, im quite weak in the language. even so, i managed to catch the gist of the movie. it was quite simple really. what much caught my eye, was this character Vettaikaran. this man was shown to be really old, yet very skilled in the art of cock-fighting. his name spreads all over Madurai as the man, who has never lost in a cock-fight.

this guy, Vettaikaran , is moderately well off. he has a wife, sufficient men or boys working under him, is a respectable figure in all of Madurai, and all that. but apart from all this, he is really proud. he is proud of his achievements. and soon pride as we see it, comes to be arrogance. he suddenly feels that he can’t be wrong. and when one of his boys, Karuppu defies him, he is irked.

the cool, calm Vettaikaran is gone. the new one, is angry and bitter. how can Karuppu, my student, know better than me? what was a very good relationship of master and student turns out to be a shocking one of betrayal. this veteran, and respectable gentleman, turns out to be the villain. he seeks revenge. he plays on the loyalty of his most devoted boy. he abandons his wife. he creates fight between people. 

then? then what? he is humiliated. he commits suicide. when merely weeks ago, this perfectly sane, good individual, was smiling at you, and giving you hints on better cock-fighting and you were just beginning to like his character that of a very calm person, with a head on his shoulders, who has won, but has retained his humility, that very same person, laughs  at your back, apparently happy to have found a way of revenge.

what was etched on my mind after this movie, was the sudden change of his character. what pride can do to people. how people change, just for revenge. it is shocking.  these people are blind to common sense. blind to forgiveness.  

then I saw another movie. it was Unknown.  there is this lead guy, played by Neeson. he is  a doctor. he goers to Berlin for this biotechnology conference. he is married, for five years. his name is Dr.Martin Harris. then he loses his memory. when he is back on feet, he goes back to find his wife. surprisingly, she refuses to recognize him. much to his surprise, she claims that some one else is her husband. he runs around frantically, telling people, that he is the real Martin Harris. then someone tries to kill him. and in all this whirlpool of event, he somehow gets to know that there is no Martin Harris. that was just a cover to kill some scientist on a research. and he was a part of it. he planted the bomb, months back before the memory loss. he was a cold-blooded murder. however now, he alerts the people. he saves the life of the scientist. a mere memory loss brings over a remarkable change in the character, the personality of the individual.

although these are just movies, stories, they do kind of teach something right? everybody changes. some become good, some become bad. but they do change. for pride, for revenge, for memory losses, or many of the more realistic reasons –  a divorce, a break up, a fight with a close friend, a near death incident, and so much more. many of us change without realizing it.

change is just a part of life. but it is up to us to change. it is up to us to protect ourselves from circumstances. it is up to us to use our discretion and act. If Vettaikaran had just apologized to Karuppu? If the Martin Harris from Unknown decided to lay back and let the murder happen?


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