Shame Shame Puppy Shame

Something I wrote before the India Pakistan match.

Okay, whats with the title??? Weird.

I guess this is a rant. It’s been something I have been worrying about for some time now. You see, I am, currently feeling a felling that is completely alien to me. It’s shame. I haven’t really felt shame before, but I am feeling it now. Why? Well, I am not ashamed because I have done anything wrong. It’s because the race I represent has done a great wrong. This is for the educated youth in the country, who have the ability to think for themselves, who have payed lakh’s of rupees for an education which grants them that ability. You guys are a huge blot on the education that you have received, an even bigger blot on the culture in which you are born in. You guys are a disgrace to the entire human race in general, and to one of the greatest countries in the world.

Get it? You are fucking born in India. (If you vomit every time you see a cuss word, log out) It is one of the most important countries in the world(That at least that is acknowledged) It is a radical country, in that it is truly a government of the people. A hundred years ago, this was not so. A history lesson, please. India fought one of the most unique and inspiring freedom struggle in the history of mankind. It was built on the bulwarks of non-violence and personal integrity, values which are forgotten easily today. You see, whenever I read about this freedom struggle, it fills me with pride. My culture is one of great value. My country is still a developing country, but that is all changing. My country still fights poverty, illiteracy, pollution, corruption and droughts. But even that is all changing, because a new generation of Indians are emerging, people who care.

At least, I thought so. But today, I am not so proud to be Indian. I feel ashamed about being an Indian. And that is also because of a new generation of people have emerged. Assholes.

-Cut to situation- A debate was organized in class. It was obviously about India-Pakistan. Then the incident that just replays again and again in my mind happened. A guy, in the middle of his speech stands up and lifts his hand in a gesture vaguely reminiscent of Hitler, and says, “Sir, I am a strong Anti-Pakistani” And the whole fucking class of about 90 people clapped, obviously proud of having such a great guy as their classmate. Dudes, you sicken me. You make me throw up. You make me feel like going on the streets and begging, and it’s because you don’t deserve me, and you don’t deserve half the things in life that you have, and a quarter of the things that you are about to get.

It is fashionable today. It is the ‘in’ thing. Hey wait, these people, these so called ‘holder’s of the flame of freedom’, do you fucking care? Do you care a bloody piece of shit about the ‘terrorist’ attacks? You may, you may, for all I know.

Hang it. Here’s my point. Do you guys have nothing in you called as empathy. You empathize very well with the suffering in your land, but what about in others? You like to be a ‘good’ Indian, but could you please be something far more fundamental, far more basic? Could you please be humans first?

Look at the whole world as a collection of human beings, and you claim that a significant section of these people are ‘terrorists’? I find the word terrorist a very strange word now because of an SMS I received

-Cut to message- “India killed 11 kangaroos yesterday, now 11 terrorists are waiting”

WOW. Do you know, bastard, what the fuck you just did? Do you know how much anguish would fill the heart of this so called ‘terrorist’ if he reads this. This, mister, is a fucking piece of trash. And you are trash. And so are your beliefs. And you are just plain wrong. Do you know that I can go and put you in jail for this suggestion, that eleven people, professional cricketers, sportsmen for long, are according to you terrorists? Do you know how seriously some people take these things??

You are

1- Stupid. You don’t know the fucking definition of terrorist. Google it if you want to. All right, once you read this definition, (Hope you know the spelling of terrorist), do one thing. Take a Pakistani cricketer, say, Younis Khan. Compare him  to your newly found definition.

2- A disgrace. You are not only a disgrace to India, you are a disgrace to the human race as a whole. You are, and you always will be, a fucking waste of time.

3- Stupid. Is this repetition now?? Maybe. Do you know the fucking reason for all the problems between India and Pakistan? Pakistan has been an unstable place, granted. But you, moron, have to understand that your country has some part in it. And it is mostly because there are people like you who still harbor these prejudices at a time when you have to move on. What has fucking Shahid Afridi got to do with the Pakistan government. What does he have to do with the ’47, ’65, ’71, ’99 wars? What has any Pakistan citizen got to do with it? It would be fair to blame the Pakistan government.  It would be fair to blame proven terrorists. Is it fair to call any random human being a terrorist because you harbor a prejudice towards their country?

4- Apolitical. There has been  a large amount of criticism about Manmohan Singhs move to call Yousaf Gillani to watch the match. What do you guys know of politics? You may not know this, but there has been no communication between the Indian and the Pakistani governments for quite some time now. This serves as an unofficial meeting that could give huge positive effects to the entire region. Don’t be surprised, it has been done before.

-Cut to 2004- India played the ‘Friendship’ series against Pakistan. It brought about a period of great communication between the two countries. All I would read around in the paper would be of Pakistan being splendid hosts. And they were honorable to a fault.

I could go on and on, but let me say these last few things.

The evil you do remains with you and the good you do comes back to you”

And finally, I am supporting India today, and I hope they win. But I am not gonna feel very bad if they lose, because they would only lose to a very good team. And Pakistan is a very good cricket team.

I guess I might be beaten up tomorrow. I couldn’t care less, it’s not gonna be the first time, and it’s certainly not going to be the last. :/



One thought on “Shame Shame Puppy Shame

  1. At least you have it in you to say what you feel, my friend. You have written everything I ever felt like yelling in the faces of these idiots and never had the nerve. You have my respect for that. If only the world had more people who could open their eyes and see the world the way you do.

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