Fuck, I forgot to smile.

Look at yourself in black and white

Perfect that tragic smile

Let the trigonometry do its work

Yeah, spend some more time.

Let the whole world push you down

Swallow down the bile,

Keep control of yourself

Fuck, don’t forget to smile

Keep the crinkling to the minimum

Don’t show too much of your teeth

Imagine yourself in a crowd of guys

Imagine saying cheese.

Google the most famous men

Keep them all in a file,

Be nice, be good, be holy

Fuck, don’t forget to smile.

The world likes you smiling always

Weather the rough, rough the weather.

Come across as a nice guy

Or you will have hell to pay

Make that smile plastic

Immortalize it for all time

Even if you feel like crying

Fuck, don’t forget to smile.

Take note of the Van’t Hoff factor

Measure the degrees with a protractor

Mark the perfect trajectory

Don’t let this lesson be a blur

Know the ways of the high world

This place is a solitary isle

In a universe this huge,

Fuck, don’t forget to smile…

To err is human, but to repeat is not

A lesson learned should be learned, so to speak

Punish. Punish every wrong deed.

Bite down till you stain yourself red.

Lick off the angry haemoglobin now.

Cut. Cut deep. Let your body atone,

Stain your very ambition with gore.

Just be careful, check the mirror

You need to appear the same as before.

Fiction. A tale of fiction.

A wave of wet long lies.

Never have I, in a life so long

Ever forgotten to smile.

Queries. Queries of why

Why do you smile so damn much, why??

To them, my only reply

Is another of those damn smiles.

My picture came in the paper yesterday

My entire life was evaluated

Friends, colleagues, teachers, the usual

Anyone I ever dated.

But my true self was hidden behind

Bushes and groves of lies

And when everything the world threw

Was treated with a smile.

When I was young, I loved

She was as fresh as morning dew

But even as I gazed at a future

Tensions started to brew.

I was evil, I left her crying

I was left alone for sometime.

Only now I realize, what happened

Fuck, I forgot to smile.


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