They said God did it for me

Once I was trapped in a quagmire of sorts
A task of stupendous difficulty
And so hard this task was beginning to be
I tottered on the brink of insanity

Proverbial heavy weather, was always there
Sheer weight hunch backing me
I bent, I bent till I could bend no more
Of this prison, could not be free

So I prayed to God, my friends asked me to
I prayed like I never prayed before
His benevolent smile comforted me
Sparse consolation to my soul

Still nothing changed, I quickly became morose
again, Pain receded to come back once more
And as waves of pain inundated me
I struggled to find a shore

Finally I took too much, thin line broken
I thought, nay decided to fight back,
If I would win, I would win
If I lose, a hero’s last stand.

And fight I did, fight to the
Last shred of humanity
It took me some time, though
To beat crippling anxiety.

I am rich now, and successful too
Even a tiny bit happy
And then I hear the people say
That God did it for me.


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