The Road

The Road marches on and on
A route for all of them born
A sniffling baby, hardened warrior
A way to move past the fear

It doesn’t guide, only points
A hopeless quagmire to those it daunts
A days march is a day away
For those whose trust in the Road lays

A warning cry, welcoming bell
To the criminal,  even cruel cell
The Road treats all impartially
Not for the rich, talent, or even  the needy.

Unsympathetic, universal the emotion to all.
For even pride must come before a fall.
Even Frost’s Road not taken
Is only a Road after all.

For those who watch the Road
Overcome by innate greed
The Road spares no kindness
to them or their creed.

For those who seek  the Road
in hope for knowledge gained
The  Road raises a kindly eye
Spares them some pain

But all in all, the Roads a path.
A reason, A way. Always remember
If the Road’s gone,
There’s always another way.



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